Internet Marketing Services: GDM Interactive and internet marketing company

GDM Interactive is an internet marketing company that can help you increase your website traffic and attract more new business through your website.

Here’s how we help clients like you get more business online…

Developing Compelling Website Content

Successful online marketing starts with the development of strong content that plainly tells your prospective customers what you can do for them. You’ll get more search engine traffic by using the same phrases and words your customer would use… which are not always the same as the words you use. We can help you discover and optimize your pages for these highly effective words and phrases.

Keyword Research

Discovering the keywords and phrases your potential customers are using to search online is the fundamental building block for attracting traffic from search engines. We’ll perform extensive research into your market… and find the not only the right keywords… but the keywords your customers are actually using. Then we’ll use these results to develop content-rich web pages for your website that will attract traffic and new customers to your site.

Linking Strategies

Links to your pages are essential to your success in attracting more online traffic to your web pages. Where these links are placed and how they are written tells the major search engines as much about who and what you are as the actual pages themselves. We’ll develop and execute an online linking strategy that gets your pages to show up prominently in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing… And bring targeted qualified traffic to your web site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the ideal way to follow up with customers who have found your website and established contact with you. We’ll help you create email communications and promotions that bring your visitors back for more, increase your share of mind, and increase your sales.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a highly competitive arena that can cost you a lot of money very quickly. We’ll n help you avoid the expensive learning curve of paid search engine marketing. You’ll get cost-effective paid search campaigns that will meet your objectives for profitability and efficiency.

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